About us

About us

Our friesian horse stable is located in the south west of Friesland, in a little village called Hartwerd. Just 2 kilometers from the City Bolsward we breed, raise and train friesian horses on our farm. We have stallions, mares and geldings of all kind of ages in our stables. Our breeding mares and their foals go in to the field from spring to autumn and also the youngsters can raise on the good clay soil.
From 3 years on we start calmly with training our horses and they get used to riding under saddle and also for the carriage. Because of the offspring of our own breeding mares and the raising of the young horses we have several good quality friesian horses for sale in different ages. When you are looking for a beautifull friesian stallion, mare or gelding, you are allways welcome to visit us! Some of our horses you can find on our website, but it’s not possible for us to put them all. So don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to find your dream horse!

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Jiska & Zara with Jose & Wendy     Facebook 7    Facebook 8

Breeding success


Silke fan ‘e Ridderdijk
1th premium and crown 2018






Evelien fan ‘e Ridderdijk
1 th premium and youth champion 2018




Iester Flyer


Iester fan ‘e Ridderdyk
1st Premium Starmare









Yearlings – Two year olds


Training of the Friesian horse

Klaverboer 3         Elmer and Tristan8