Friesian horses for sale

With their captivating beauty, commanding presence, and exceptional athleticism, Friesian horses have enraptured equestrian enthusiasts across the globe.

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High quality Friesians

We breed and sell high quality Friesian horses worldwide and our focus is that as many people as possible can enjoy the beautiful characteristics of the Friesian horse.

We think the Friesian horses have a beautiful appearance with their pearl black fur and long manes. The friendly character and charismatic look make them real eye-catchers!

The Friesian horse is suitable both as a riding horse and as a show horse and with their friendly character a real friend!

Friesian horses

Renowned for their captivating beauty, Friesian horses possess a unique allure that captivates all who lay eyes on them. Their sleek, muscular build combined with their long, arched necks and expressive eyes create a striking and regal presence. Every movement they make is marked by a sense of poise and dignity, making them a breathtaking sight both in motion and at rest.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Friesians are also known for their remarkable athleticism. Despite their imposing stature, they are incredibly agile and versatile, excelling in various disciplines such as dressage, driving, and even jumping. With their natural collection, impressive extensions, and remarkable hind-end engagement, Friesians effortlessly command attention in the show ring and consistently leave spectators in awe of their ability.

Besides their physical attributes that make these horses beloved by equestrian enthusiasts worldwide, they also possess a gentle and willing temperament. Their kind and affectionate nature, combined with their intelligence and willingness to work, make them a pleasure to train and a reliable partner for riders of all levels of experience. They will be often displaying a strong bond with their owners.

The Friesian originates in the province of Friesland in the northern Netherlands, where there is evidence of thousands of years of horse populations.

Friesian Horse, Friesian Foal
Friesian horses on grass and Friesian foals

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