Friesian Stallions & Geldings

On this page you will find some of our Friesian stallions and geldings. Click on the picture for more information.
Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to put all our horses on our website.
If you cannot find your dream Friesian horse on our website, please feel free to contact us.
We are looking forward to help you finding your dream Friesian horse!

Vigo, Stallion, 4 years
Beautiful 4 years old stallion, ridden and full paper!

Yarick, Stallion, 3 years
Impressive 3 years old stallion, great mover and ridden & driven!

Teije, Stallion, 4 years
Charismatic Friesian stallion, good driven & ridden, long manes, good mover!

Valerio, Stallion, 4 years
Beautiful 4 years old Friesian stallion, brave ridden & driven and a true friend!

Sikke, Stallion, 5 years
Impressive 5 years old Friesian stallion, good ridden & driven, great mover & full paper!


Derk, Stallion, 9 years
Charismatic 9 years old Friesian stallion, 172 high & long manes!